Press Media & Photography Accreditation

Media, Press & Photography Accreditation

We look forward to welcoming the media to the Pontispool BE Horse Trials.

We have revisited Terms and Conditions for accreditation. This is especially relevant to photographers, whose numbers have started to considerably increase.

Please note that Press Accreditation will close 10 days prior to the first day of a horse trials and all applications should be made to [email protected] by this date.

Please read Terms and Conditions below before application.

Successful applicants will be welcome at Pontispool BE Horse Trials, where our team will do all we can to assist your professional coverage.

Complimentary high res images for publication of all phases of the competition and presentations will be available on request.

Please contact Lucy Johnson for further details:

Email: [email protected] Tel: + 44 (0) 7866 497976


1. Only photographers/film makers who have a commission from a bona fide publication & client (print &/or digital) will be considered for accreditation. The publication, client, commissioning editor, email address and phone number must be included on your application and they may be contacted by Bicton. Samples of published work may be requested. All applications must be submitted by email to [email protected] no later 10 days prior to the first day of any horse trials.

2. Only one photographer will be accredited per publication/company per day.

3. All photographers/film maker must carry full Public Liability and Third Party Liability insurance and by accepting these conditions indemnify the owners and managers of the Pontispool Equine SPorts Centre and the Horse Trials against all costs claims and other expenses that they may incur from any third party. Evidence of such insurance must be available and produced on request during the Event.

4. Only the officially appointed event photographers may sell images/film of the competitors or the competition to competitors, owners &/or the public.

5. Accreditations will only be given for up to a maximum of 20 images for the promotion of the horse trials. Any individual and or company requiring the use of more than 20 images should clearly document the justification within their application.

6. For the avoidance of any doubt Pontispool Equine Sports Centre define anyone requiring to publish more than 20 images either in print and or socially/web from any of our horse trials as “commercial use” and accreditation should be applied for.

7. Accreditation numbers are limited and all applications will be decided by the Event Director or his nominee(s). Previous accreditation is no guarantee of a repeat in the future.

8. Due to the number of applications, we reserve the right not to give a detailed justification as to why accreditation has not been granted.

9. For cross country photographers’ official badges will only be issued to photographers accredited for that day who actually attend the official briefing.

10. For show jumping access to the arena will be strictly limited.

11. Complimentary high res images for publication of all phases of the competition and presentations will be available on request.

12. All accredited media must comply with the requests and instructions of the event organisers and stewards.

13. Submission for accreditation confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

14. Any photographer in breach of these conditions will have his accreditation cancelled, be asked to leave the grounds and will not be accredited in future.

All applications and questions to be submitted to [email protected]

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